Monday, February 8, 2016

My Kid Likes Star Wars

I can't remember the date exactly or the year. I could not tell you how old I was or even come up with any point of reference for the period of time. All I know is that my memories from early childhood are few and far between. I have a few very clear memories and some fuzzier ones but one memory I have held onto is the first time I watched Star Wars with my dad. I'm pretty sure I was older than 4 but not much older than 6. It was a time in the mid to late 80s when the movie was circulating on tv (and by tv back them I mean one of 5 or 6 channels) quiet a bit. I am sure I didn't fully understand the plot or the intricacies of the story line and there was no internet back then to let me know just how many people truly loved the trilogy. For all I knew, it was some obscure movie my dad liked. I do remember the captivating music and the simplicity yet excitement of good versus evil. I was able to watch it for the first time not knowing what would happen and being surprised by the plot twists. It was one of the stand alone most memorable moments of my childhood that I've held onto to this day.

All of that being said, I knew someday when I had a child I wanted to share the same experience with them. I was hoping, like most parents do with hobbies or sports they loved, that my child would share in my passion for the force and everything in the magical world that went along with it. Right now with Emma being just 3, I was not sure if she was old enough to understand or appreciate the Star Wars world (plus let's face it, she just got over getting up every night at 2am so I didn't want her to see anything scary that might set us back.) So, I have been waiting for the right time. It's like I'm waiting for when I know her inner jedi will awaken and she will be ready to grab her light saber to rally for the rebel alliance.

While patiently awaiting my day of glory, Disney's marketing machine decided the wait was over. I think I've mentioned before that a while back, Emma chose Disney shows/ movies as her main source of entertainment. Mickey has been her jam forever now and so with the Disney channel comes commercials for other Disney shows. Enter Star Wars Rebels. Or rather, enter the most annoying droid hip hop mini music video to promote the show you've ever seen. After about the millionth time the thing aired, Emma figured there must be something to it and asked to watch the show. This was in no way how I pictured her first Star Wars experience to be but I figured since it was a cartoon maybe it would not be as scary as the movie could potentially be. The show was fine but what surprised me was when Darth Vader showed up. Not that there is anything wrong with Vader showing up in a Star Wars cartoon (the fact that James Earl Jones was voicing him did put me at ease but made me wonder if that man ever gets a moment to rest). The surprising thing was, Emma somehow knew who Darth Vader was, "Look Mommy! It's Darth Vader!" Like she was seeing an old friend for the first time in forever.

She then proceeded to repeatedly question who Darth Vader no kid it's not coming that easy. What she really wanted to know was what he looked like under his mask. After several days of hounding, I caved and pulled up the scene on YouTube when Luke takes off the mask (but made sure she did not know who Vader was if that makes sense.) Yeah maybe it was not the best decision to unveil such a pivotal moment but it was sort of out of context. I guess I need to work on caving under pressure. How she seemed to know about Darth Vader in the first place I do not know (kids at school?) But she seemed to know he was an important person. Either way, the point of all of this kid likes Star Wars! I mean she was genuinely excited about the characters and the mystery behind it! I've been beside myself with glee ever since! We haven't watched the full trilogy yet. I'm not sure why I'm holding off at this point (scary monsters? storm trooper "violence" perhaps?) But I think the time is nearing for us to enter a galaxy far far away.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

2015, A Year in Our World

Sorry for the brief absence here folks. Really when I disappear for several weeks at a time I'm usually sick or busy and by busy I mean engaging in one of the following: binge watching a tv show (The 100 I recommend it), reading a new book (not done yet I'll let you know), embracing a new hobby (hello adult coloring books), dealing with the hell that is searching for/ purchasing a home, and also in this case, writing a book which I am procrastinating to write this blog post (more details on this to follow). Well it's still January so I think I can still squeeze in my end of year post for here goes anyway...

As a sit down to write this, I think I am finally able to put into words what I couldn't in November. The part about becoming more of an adult. Truthfully, there are a lot of embarrassing details I am ashamed to admit here that took me way to many years to figure out/ get into the realm of adulthood. There are a few less  embarrassing points I will share. Somewhere along the way in 2015, I was suddenly not content to inhabit a space (specifically my own home) that resembled any of the dwellings from my early twenties. I'm not sure if this part of adulting or rather a switch to a more expensive taste in furniture but there you have it. With this I embraced what I knew I loved all along which is minimalist decor. I'm finding a more organized space allows me to lower my continuous background anxiety a bit. Don't worry, I haven't run our finances into the ground buying furniture, thankfully there's craigslist. I have abandoned all hope of ever owning matching furniture (or real wood furniture for that matter) besides the 1980s oak bedroom set with floral engravings we currently use that was a hand-me-down from my husband's grandma.

Another adult revelation that I've been beating myself up about for a while is to take charge of my health. I finally found a primary care physician. I even requested extra blood work when I went in to make sure everything was looking ship shape, who does that? I also got workout clothes and a fitbit for Christmas so there you have it. Actually, I have been working out consistently (when I'm not sick) 3-5 days a week for a while now. I'm just hoping to take it to the next level in 2016 (not a resolution, just a thought). We have been eating healthier for a while now but I've been kicking it up a notch with pre-made lunches and intentionally adding more fruit in whenever I can.

2016 will hopefully, finally, be the year we move. I'm also hoping to start trying again for a baby. We did try this year but it did not end up working out. That was very tough for all of us to go through. But, like everyone else, we continue to navigate the ups and downs of life and I am determined to create my own happiness as I learn more and more you cannot count on it happening based solely on circumstance. That being said, here's a look back on the Patterson's 2015:

5 things about Emma:
- 2015 was the year she started to learn her letters and wrote her name for the first time!
- 2015 was also the year she drew her first stick person and it made me very emotional.
- Still not fully potty trained over here but nearly there with several dry nights. We have the big BIG girl bed on stand by for when we can finally go a week with no night time accidents!
- Music continues to be a big thing. She wants to sing it, dance to it, play it, and listen to it all the time! That's a passion I'm happy to indulge her in.
- Emma's vocabulary and curiosity continue to amaze me. She has so many four syllable words it's really wonderful. She also does not hesitate to ask about any life concept she needs to understand. For example, she has repeatedly asked me to explain why there are different colored lines painted on the road and why we need them! Something I don't think about ever she is fascinated by.

5 most read blog posts for the year:
It's always interesting to see which posts get the most reads throughout the year but usually not surprising. I know when I have written something genuinely heartfelt or maybe sort of funny and I'm glad folks enjoy sharing those moments with me.
- The Transition
- The Mom Quiz
- What was Going to be a Prologue
- The Green Pumpkin
- Happy Holidays Part I

5 songs I recommend you listen to from 2015:
- Cecilia and the satellite - possibly a predictable pick for me but absolutely number one
- Believe - Mumford and Sons - a very close second but this song sounds like it was written specifically about a personal experience I had.
- Wildest Dreams - yup Taylor Swift - when I went through a difficult time this year this was the song I needed to hear.
- Downtown- Macklemore - a good laugh
- I am kind of at a loss for the 5th as nothing stands out. Maybe listening to good music should be on my 2016 list.

5 favorite 2015 moments:
- Sharing my first time fishing with Emma! I discovered a new form of relaxation and Emma discovered an opportunity to dig in the dirt (to look for worms.)
- Family vacation at the beach! I was a bit nervous with so many people in one house together, but we had an amazing time at the beach with my family, my mom, and my sister's family! Can't wait to do it again this year!
- Halloween 2015 was by far one of the most magical times ever, like in my entire life. Dressing up in costumes and feeling the excitement radiating off three, three year olds was a major highlight not just of 2015, but of my life.
- Christmas 2015 (believe it or not a runner up to Halloween) was really amazing this year. Emma loved the whole idea of Santa Clause and sat on his lap all by herself! She really loved everything to do with Christmas and I'm excited to carry out the traditions from this year for years to come.
- Going to the pool and splash park consistently over the summer was really fun. I loved being able to go to the community pool and have Emma take swim lessons. It was something we all enjoyed as a family this year and look forward to continuing next year!

So long 2015! Here's to another year of learning, laughing, and loving for us all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy Holidays Part II

I’m pleased to be getting this post up BEFORE the New Year (go me)!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season! We made it through exhausted but really happy and grateful for wonderful family and friends. I will pick up where I left off on in my last holiday festivity post starting with Christmas cookie baking at Nana’s.

Of course like everything else around these parts, there is a back story to my Christmas cookie baking. It all started when my husband became a manger at his job in 2010. I started baking cookies for his team then, blissfully unaware of the challenges ahead. He works in a very high paced, sometimes stressful environment and I wanted to do something nice for the guys who work so hard for him so I figured I’d make them Christmas cookies. Sounded simple enough, although that year I found out what a true labor of love making several different kinds of cookies in one day can be. Still, I went through with it and all 5 employees loved their cookies. Fast forward a few years, we had a baby and there went from 5 employees to 15 just in his department alone. Believe it or not, with a 6 month old in tow, I made Christmas cookies that year and even the year after that. Finally last year, I remembered how tiring and difficult it was and I “retired” from baking. (Last year was also the year I didn’t get out my Christmas cards…opps) Anyways, somehow this year, I felt the need to spread extra holiday cheer and so I was back in the cookie business! I couldn’t make enough for the now 50 people who work at the place but I was going to at least make enough for my husband’s employees. The only problem…our oven broke a few weeks back :( so an activity that secretly stresses me out and has me crying into a bottle of cheap wine afterwards from exhaustion was suddenly going to have to be shared with another adult. Enter Nana.

It was actually a little less stressful at Nana’s house since her kitchen is a lot bigger and she has a large dining table to use. Emma and Nana really enjoyed cutting out the cookie shapes and decorating the sugar cookies while mommy ran around making a million other batches. In the end, we ended up with two batches of sugar cookies, two batches of peanut butter/ chocolate cookies, two batches of double fudge cookies, a batch of easy bake Christmas tree cookies (what you think I was going to make them all “from scratch” lol), a batch of chocolate chip (that burned), and a batch of chocolate peppermint.  I bagged them up and proceeded to pass out the minute I got home.

That same evening (thank goodness for a nap), was our ugly sweater party! An old college friend of mine throws holiday parties with a theme every year. One year it was a crazy Christmas hat theme. Another year was dress up like your favorite Christmas character (that coincidentally was the year I dressed up as Mary to announce I was pregnant). We had a lot of fun finding authentic ugly sweaters at the thrift store for this year’s theme. I was super excited to find Emma one too! (Although, it is actually kind of a cool sweater.) Thomas ended up making his own sweater with ornaments and stuffed animals sewn on which was awesome and then didn’t end up wearing it in favor of his cool, store bought, local brewery sweater.

Stop…..birthday party time….
Our next event was a sweet little 4 year old birthday party for some family friends. The one shot I got of the party is of the awesome, dairy free, homemade cake from the birthday girl’s mom that I dreamed about since last year’s party. I literally had two bites of cake left I couldn’t eat and I brought it home with me to eat later. It was THAT good!

Then on Tuesday, at 11am (because EVERYONE is totally available mid-day on a Tuesday…) was Emma’s Christmas Pageant. I was so excited we got there early and nabbed the coveted “front row” seat (behind the rows where the kids sat). The kids looked so cute dressed up! Emma’s class was shepherds. They had pillow cases on their heads with head bands holding them up. I about died of cuteness overload! Maybe it’s because Emma is a little older or maybe she was just in the mood to perform, but she actually sang all the songs and enjoyed herself! No random nudity like the Spring show of 2015! My only bone to pick with the whole ordeal was that some over eager father decided it would be cool to position himself right in front of Emma to record his son on his phone. I was like um yeah if you want to record your child I have no problem with that but for the love of all things go and stand in front of your own kid to do it! I wonder how many other parents now have this guy on their phone recordings for all eternity. (I know one who does).

Finally Christmas Eve came and with it, the cousins. They were wild and crazy just like kids are supposed to be. I was only really nervous when the dads left to pick up the pizza and I was left alone with three energetic kids. I survived thankfully, nothing was broken, and no one was hurt, so I can safely say I have moved up to level expert when it comes to watching multiple kids at once… maybe. They were actually surprisingly well behaved, just naturally curious and excited to be in a new environment with "new to them" toys.

We ate, opened presents, and watched a movie. The time flew by. Pretty soon it was time for Emma to go to bed so Santa could come. Santa, I heard, was very well organized and prepared this year (he usually is). So there was not much to do except to set everything up. Santa, having once been a visual merchandiser, is a creative sort of fellow around our neck of the woods. He loves setting up wonderful toy displays. He wants everything to look extra magical and was raised in a household were Christmas gifts were not wrapped. He really enjoyed that and has thus carried on the tradition for the Patterson family.

He went a bit overboard this year and fulfilled requests from Emma’s grandpa and great grandma to put something under the tree for her since they could not visit. This is also the year that maybe “Santa” went overboard because he was really hoping to have two kids to receive presents but instead probably over spoiled the one child.

Emma didn’t mind though. She got her guitar and her dinosaurs which is all that mattered. A sled and a horsie to ride were bonuses and you can never have too many books!  I also have it on good authority that Santa hand made the star stage for Emma using cardboard and wrapping paper. Oh that crafty old Saint Nick!

We completed the holiday with a stop to Nana’s house Christmas night and another stop to Mimi’s house that Sunday. I had pretty much stopped taking pictures at that point and eating cookies too for that matter. The truth is, even with Emma being cranky at the end of every day without napping, and me being bombarded with demanding toddler requests for a week, I found myself on Sunday night feeling very sad to be going back to work on Monday. I sometimes think Emma and I both get a little tired of being together for long stretches of time but Emma made it clear to me that she would rather hang out with me every day then go back to school, which stung…a lot. I haven’t felt working mom guilt in a long time and man did that hit me in the feels. I think next year if I can, I will take off an extra couple of days around holiday time. I’m also not sure if I will schedule as many activities next year but I think we all experienced enough to make lasting holiday memories together as a family.

PS. Below are toliet paper roll carolers Emma made for us as a Christmas present at school. I have never cried over small cardboard tubes so much. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Happy Holidays Part I

As much as I would like to write an epically thoughtful, enlightening, or ridiculously humorous post, I find myself void of the energy to do so. Mainly because it’s holiday time which means I have been running around pretending I’m super woman trying to get it all done (not to mention I’ve been fighting a whisper of a cold for over two weeks now. You know the cold...the one that’s not enough to completely knock you out but strong enough to make it hard to focus and keep your eyes open, yeah that one ). Nevertheless, I have taken the ambitious route this year not only volunteering to bake cookies for my husband’s entire work team but also committing to Emma’s school holiday party, and sending out Christmas cards on top of accepting every single invitation to every event we’ve received for the month of December. Pretty much every holiday tradition/ cliché we are participating in this year which should in no way set unrealistic expectations for future holiday seasons to come.

The list of events, in case you were wondering includes: one ugly sweater party, one cookie baking session with Nana, several ornament decorating crafts, keeping up with an advent calendar, a trip to view a Christmas light show, 3 Christmas parties, Christmas card photo shoot, brunch with Santa, black Friday shopping (sort of), a Christmas Pageant, and a non-holiday (but still totally awesome) 4 year old birthday party. Not to mention we are hosting Christmas Eve at our house this year. Sadly, my Mother-in-Law has to work and will not be able to host. I will miss seeing my mother-in-law dearly and miss her cooking especially, not to mention her uncanny knack for entertaining the children. I’m just hoping I can keep the kids feed and entertained for several hours and not be too exhausted for “the big night” if you know what I mean. I don’t want anyone to take this as complaining because trust me, it’s not. It may be overwhelming BUT I think I over scheduled us this year because I am so happy. I am so grateful we made it through this year happy and healthy. We are very fortunate to be able to enjoy this special time of year together and so we are REALLY doing it up!

Note my popsicle stick Pintrest fail Santa bottom left...

One secret to my sanity this year is that I did all of my holiday shopping online on Black Friday. It was weird and wonderful. Weird because I’m used to running around the mall with my Aunt and sister and wonderful because this year I found myself sitting on a comfy leather bench, in the mall, shopping on my phone while I waited for my sister and Aunt to get out of the lines at the stores and meet up for lunch. I kid you not, I went to a mall to shop on my was so stress free. I did go into a few stores and looked around but I guess I was just not feeling it. It was a little nerve wracking waiting for all of the stuff to come in the mail but come it did and in separate shipments which also made it easier to wrap everything. I ended up wrapping  whatever came in little by little each night instead of torturing myself with what I do every year, which is wait until a few days before Christmas, freak-out, then spend hours in a single night drinking gallons of coffee and glancing longingly at my husband for help wrapping a million things.

This year, Emma has been really wrapped up in the idea of Christmas. She goes to a religious based pre-school so she hears a lot about Christmas all day in fact, next week is her first Christmas Pageant and I CAN NOT WAIT to witness the cuteness!! So far she loves playing with the Nativity set (she has her own little people set) but she ALSO loves the gorgeous, EXPENSIVE, Italian made set my mother-in-law gifted us several years back. A few of the pieces look “well loved” or perhaps a little more “vintage” due to being handled by a three year old but I really do want her to enjoy the set (plus I have no where high up I can keep it out of reach…er…display it). She keeps asking me if it’s “Christmas time” and I tell her yes it is! Then she immediately follows up with, “ok, but is it Christmas Day?” And I have to try to explain the simple concept of a “time of year” verses a singular day which has been interesting. She thought that the day we put up the tree was Christmas day which makes sense but we have been going through the advent calendar so she can understand the concept of waiting an entire month for one day.

Emma made it through seeing Santa this year although I thought she was going to meltdown in line. Walking up to Santa, she clung to me for dear life and then I think Santa thought he was being helpful/ welcoming by giving a jolly old ho, ho, ho! which only distressed Emma even more. He finally reached out his hand and she took it! A Christmas miracle! I sat her on his lap and asked her if I could go stand off to the side. She said yes! So we finally got the shot I’ve been waiting 3 years for! Afterward, hubs walked over and made sure Emma told Santa what she wanted. We made sure to explain once she told Santa himself what she wanted there was NO going back. In the weeks leading up to Santa her requests have ranged from “presents” to “a horsie to ride” to a last minute game changer, a “dinosaur.” We can’t have her wake up Christmas morning sobbing because Santa didn’t bring the XYZ she wanted so after the requests were in, she knew she was done. I also wanted to mention that Emma did go with me to pick out several toys to donate to less fortunate families this year. I explained to her that not everyone has what we have and we needed to share. I’m not sure she fully understood but I was glad to introduce this concept and I’m hoping to expand on this in the coming years.

Recently, she is quick to point out any Christmas lights or big, blow-up lawn décor as we drive around. We walked around our neighborhood and one other neighborhood to check out the lights. It was really fun. What has made everything even MORE fun is the fact that our dear friend El Nino has brought spring like weather to the area. I seriously would never be out walking around in the cold looking at lights…EVER. I am loving this extra out door time we normally do not get!  It’s even making me think about relocating to a warmer climate again but that probably won’t happen until retirement if I’m lucky… Anyways, I am looking forward to the next set of holiday activities coming up this weekend and next week.

Thanks El Nino! 

Hopefully I will bring you happy holidays part II the week after next as well as my yearly wrap up here before the New Year. If somehow I get carried off by elves and don’t make it back until January…have a happy and healthy holiday season!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thoughts On 33

Another year has gone by for me in this human existence. Another year of hard work, love, friendships, success, and loss. Another year of learning who I am, what the world is, and how I somehow fit into it. Another year where my likes are revalidated (hello chocolate) and my dislikes deepen (misogyny). I find myself becoming more passionate and vocal about what bothers me and actually acting on it. Maybe because I am raising a tiny human who will inherit this earth from me and also because this year more so than any other, I feel like I am finally owning up to being an adult and the full weight of responsibilities that come along with it. Now of course that does not mean that my house is well put together or I can cook or I dress appropriately but looking back on this year, I have made progress in the right direction.

This year has been sort of back and forth with my blogging and writing. I still need to muster up the courage to actually submit something somewhere. I’m still hopeful to do that in the very near future. I am not posting as frequently as I would like but that usually means I'm resting or working on some other scatter brained project so, there's the secret of what I'm up to when I ignore this space. I actually have two (nonwriting) ventures I'm working on with friends so hopefully there will be some development there in the near future. I wanted to take a writing class this year too but it didn't work out. Not to say that next year it won't. I'm actually going to try to do a better job of making it happen. I am also working on developing my skills at work. Again, I wanted to take a major class associated with work but lack of funding meant that I would have to pay for it myself and I wasn't ready to commit there just yet since I wasn't sure what the return on investment might be. I find myself at this weird place in my career where I would love to take more classes/ training/ even go back for my Masters but I'm not sure any of that would propel me far forward enough to make the kind of money that would cover the cost of everything. So for now, this sits on the back burner as a "one day" dream.

The beginning of this year was sort of slow and uneventful which is the best kind of life to live in my opinion for the simple fact that the alternative can be difficult. I entered into difficult territory in the later half of the year. I have not disclosed it here but I did go through a surgery and then had a scare recently about a possible second (unrelated) surgery scenario. I have not shared my thoughts and feelings about the two events here. I know if I would it would be some of my most open and honest writing. The thing is, I’m not sure I’m ready to open up on here just yet. It is all very raw and very personal and frankly, writing about it would just stir up emotions I am trying to distance myself from right now. There is still the possibility I will need to undergo a second surgery but I am really trying to stay positive about it, especially with the holidays coming up. 

I forget on these birthday posts if I give myself goals for the following year. I don't think I'd like to hold myself accountable really (I know how adult of me) but I will say this, I am hoping to continue to take more time here and there to focus on myself and what I love. With Emma getting more and more independent, I have finally figured out a good balance for cleaning the house, planning family time, and finding time for myself. I hope to keep this up in the coming years along with continuing to work on my health and never take it for granted. Kind of a heavy birthday post but there it is. 

Hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 6, 2015

October Festivities

I know I'm at the tail end of the first week of November but at least I'm posting this before Thanksgiving so I'd say I'm ahead of the game! I really wanted to just share a simple post detailing what we did as a family in October (aka a photo dump post <-- you have been warned!). The mini adventures of the Pattersons if you will. Really a few of these adventures should be their own post but I doubt anyone wants to hear about the month of October through the first of December so I'll leave you with this. I also love having these "what we did " posts to look back on to remember all of the little things.

We started off the month going to the farm. I gotta tell you I love Fall and I looooove farms so getting there asap was a must. It was actually pretty chilly out that weekend and had just stopped raining that morning. After several wet days, conditions were pretty muddy but we slogged through it. Just as an aside, I love the thrift store for rain boots (really all boots) because they are something that don't get worn too often but when I went to get Emma some they were completely out (I wasn't type A enough to get to them first I guess.) Thus Emma's winter boots made an appearance on the farm trip.

Emma's dad really has a way with animals and I definitely see Emma has inherited that trait as well. They seem to just come to her. It's amazing to see.

 I think this face says "I love farms too mom!"

Next, we ventured over to the pumpkin patch. I think this place just sort of rounds up a bunch of kid sized pumpkins and dumps them in a field but I'm no pumpkin farmer so I could be wrong. I'm just suspicious about the uniformity of them all but like all the other suburbanite zombies, I merrily went along my way just happy to be submersed in rural culture.

Of course I wanted a happy family pumpkin patch selfie but I was out voted two to one so I did the next best thing....took an awkward lonely mom selfie. "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...nobody knows my sorrow..."

Meanwhile in other October events... soccer continues. Emma is still doing well with listening although she is having trouble understanding why others are not "sharing the ball." I think she is slowly starting to understand team work and what the concept of the sport is, but for now, I'm just happy she is trying and enjoying herself. (They play in the gym when it's raining or too cold outside which I love.)

Another special October moment was my first night away from Emma. It was our four year wedding anniversary this year, and we went out of town for a night. We had a relaxing trip hiking around the little island and fishing off the pier at night. I did miss Emma but it wasn't so bad being away. I actually really needed a rest. We will definitely go back again for another short get away in the future.

The weekend after that, we went to a truck touch which was so awesome! We've been before but really they never get old. I don't remember them having these when I was a kid and, I really wish they had. I ended up driving a commercial vehicle for a few years and the hubs was a heavy machine mechanic in the army so double axle vehicles are in Emma's blood and it shows.

And now finally if you've made it this far, you are in for a treat. May I present the 2015 Patterson Halloween costumes: superheroes! It's no secret that we are pretty serious about Halloween around these parts. Last year we did not go as a family costume and I missed it so this year we went all out. Hubby and I made Emma a superhero costume for her birthday and when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween she, to my great excitement, said SUPERHERO! When we made the costume, we asked her what colors she wanted it to be and she originally said pink and gray. I could not find a shinny gray fabric without it looking too silver and, I thought the blue gave it the punch it needed so we went with those colors and I'm so glad we did!

I added the wig and the shirt to Emma's costume for Halloween and then got to work on my own costume. I decided I didn't want to be "super mommy" and "super K" didn't seem quite right either so I just left my cape a simple lightning bolt, as did daddy. For the rest, I actually came up with my costume based on the cheapest options available. I lucked out and found the sparkly dress at the thrift store on half off day and got it for $1.50! I kid you not! I had the tights from an 80s party a while back and, I just taped a cut up feather boa to boots I already owned (again I paid like a dollar for the boa at the thrift store) and there you have it! Pattersons assemble!

We ended up trick or treating with friends who also have a 3 year old girl and their friends as well. There were three 3 year old girls running around like hyper, excited chipmunks! It was seriously the best Halloween of all time! I mean other than a few really funny incidents at some college Halloween parties, this was hands down, the best Halloween of my life. Seeing the excitement on their faces and watching them run from house to house yelling trick or treat and giggling their little hearts out was amazing. I only got a few blurry pictures but you get the idea...

We called it a night after about 10 houses or so because they were so wound up and it was getting late. I seriously cannot wait for next year!

I do so cherish the month of October and all of its possibilities. I think there's a quote somewhere about if only life was a sequence of never ending Octobers, I think I'd be ok with that.