Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Vacation and the Cautionary Tale of Jungle Jim’s

Friday, July 24, 2015

What Was Going to be a Prologue

I thought I would prelude this post with a few quick updates, mainly, we got a computer! It is used/ two years old but I am super thrilled to finally be able to post pictures again and hopefully post more often! Blogging on a phone is really difficult and small, everything it so freakin small. Also, I have been doing some other various projecty type things. I am attempting to learn how to sew. My first attempt was not a complete failure but I learned my lesson and will not be “eye balling” patterns going forward. I made Emma a planets dress (pictured below because yeah bad ass computer haver here).

I started working from home two days a week which is awesome however… I was sitting at home one day and  the walls of my abode started attacking my peripheral, and all of a sudden, I had a freak out because the house is a cluttered mess and literally the walls were closing in and I couldn’t take it anymore!  So later that day, I halted everything and in mid-dinner prep, I decided all of the pictures on the walls needed to come down and new art work needed to go up. I painted these all in like an hour and a half because my hands just needed to move and create.

I’m somewhat pleased with them although I am sad my white paint ran out so I might do some touch ups later after a trip to the craft store. I am close to pulling the trigger on bright colorful pillows for the couches. I am also
on the hunt for a bench to replace the huge comfy chair that I love so but never gets used. We keep it covered so the dogs don’t get on it and ruin it (in fact if you have ever noticed chairs on top of furniture in my pictures in the past it is to save everything from the dogs.) So basically we have had this huge lump just sitting in our living room for over a year and it takes up so much space and we basically use it to throw junk on so it’s a huge junk lump and I finally snapped and it HAS TO GO. Other various organizational projects will happen in time around the rest of the house but I’m hoping this new organizational energy is being gifted to me from the universe as a sign that we will be moving soon. As in my urgent need to declutter will perfectly sync up with finding a new house. By soon I mean within the next 6 months to a year. The clock is ticking and we really only have t-minus two years until Emma is ready for kindergarten aka: we need to be in a better school district by then. Once again, I have been lazily clinging onto our house for the convince of the location only. There is no way we can move anywhere nearby as everything is way to pricey around these parts.

Once we move it will be crappy commuting for all and I’m really REALLY trying to avoid that. I am planning on writing a farewell to our neighborhood once we leave or possibly a post on the advantages of living in the neighborhood we do but that’s for another day. Anywho this prologue seems to have turned into a post in and of itself as I describe in detail my homebound psychotic meltdown and subsequent ramblings on about the geography of where I live (my cartography skills are amazing I know.)

We are getting ready to depart for a week to the beach and while I’m hoping to write, I am also hoping to rest, to not stare at any computer screens, and to eat lots of boardwalk food. Have a good week everyone!


Once again it happened, my kid turned another year older. I reread my post from her 2 year old birthday and it seemed like that birthday was just yesterday. It seems time has merged into the fast lane and I have little chance of catching up with it. Maybe it’s a good thing since I can’t seem to remember my age for the life of me, I’ve given up on holding onto my own youth, but find myself now chasing after Emma’s. It’s been quite a year. A talkative 2 year old grew into a three year old who needs to know how things work and understand the concept behind something. I can no longer just tell her the neighbor is mowing his lawn, I have to explain that grass grows and how it grows and how as a community we are responsible for keeping that growth under control. The “whys” seem never ending but I love them. I want her to question everything and everyone. She also grasps concepts quickly and her vocabulary is out of control. She speaks like an adult most of the time. The other day she looked up from eating and exclaimed, "This sandwich is fantastic!" And now she uses fantastic to describe everything...and I love it! 

She also has a really goof sense of humor. She makes funny voices and loves playing goofy games were we make up ridiculous words.I mean who sticks crayons in their toes on an hour long car ride...yeah my kid :)

Three seems to also be the age when independence and defiance set in. I am beginning to understand I have to let go a little bit more and let her make mistakes on her own in order to learn. I do this to a point, only telling her no when danger is involved, which of course it’s involved in everything she wants to do. Run across the street, jump down a set of concrete stairs, stick play doh up her nose, jump off the highest point at the playground…the boundary pushing seems to never stop. I feel like these next few years will turn me into more of a veteran mom. I’m at least hoping I can make it through the mental toddler minefields. 

Three also brought the glorious potty training (well more like 2.5 or so)! There are still kinks to work out…yes you always have to wash your hands, no it’s not sanitary to bring food into the bathroom, put your pants on when you are done, and so on. She still wears a pull-up on every night but one diaper a night verses 10-12 in a day from when she was a newborn…I’ll take it. Her father has been the champion of introducing new independence for her. I was very worried and nervous to change over her crib into a big girl bed and was surprised that daddy took the lead and one day when I came home from the store, the crib was no more. I know we could not leave her in there forever but I winced inside as that part of babyhood was gone forever. Her dad has also been really great at working with her to get herself dressed and brush her teeth by herself. I had been setting out her outfits for the week since she was born mostly because it was one less thing to have to do in the morning as we ran out the door. Well dada convinced me to give that up, one less thing for me to do and one more opportunity for Emma to gain independence and pick out her own outfits. I really thought I would be the one pushing for her to do more on her own but I guess a part of me wants to baby her forever (plus it is WAY faster to get out the door if I get her dressed ect.) I know that these little pieces of independence are going to add up to not needing mommy anymore which is simultaneously wonderful and sad.

That all being said, here are some firsts and favorites from year two:

First Plane Ride:

First time Ice Skating:

First time going to a new school:

First school pageant:

First time going fishing (mommy’s first time too):

First time going on a Farris Wheel:

First time seeing fireworks (didn't get a picture but it DID happen!)

First Baseball game:

Love playing outside:

Love doing arts and crafts:

Love cooking/ baking:

Love playing instruments:

Love being a superhero:

Love Trucks:

Love gymnastics:

Love Family:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Summer of Water

I feel like without really planning it, this summer has turned into the summer of water…to put it obviously. From splash parks to fishing, creek exploration to swim lessons, this summer is shaping up to be a wet one. I think it has a combination to do with it being so hot so early this summer,  my love of water, and Emma’s growing love of water. I am in my element around water. If I’m not mistaken, my sign (Scorpio) is a water sign. Emma just seems to love being in/ around the water as does her dad. We’ve found two awesome splash parks near our house and she asks to go to them daily (or play with her water table.) We sprung for a $3 sprinkler with a million different, awesome settings but so far she hasn’t gotten into it (although she will run like a loon through the splash park.)
The other thing is, Emma starts swim class next weekend, the day after her pool birthday party. I’m excited and a little nervous. Nervous because she hasn’t taken a swim class since she was like 7 or 8 months old. Not that I’m worried she won’t “remember” the good old days of yore and be able to pull off her baby back stroke like she did then, but rather, I’m more concerned that she will get frustrated/ not listen to her instructor. I can foresee this happening because so far every time we have gone to a pool, all she wants to do is jump in it. Like literally she finds a set of stairs and will climb up jump in and climb up again (cause you know, no one else needs to use the stairs.) We have asked her to kick her feet and blow bubbles and she will from time to time but listening is such a huge problem right now that it’s a guessing game from one moment to the next as to what will happen. 
I also feel a little guilty that we have not exposed her to the pool enough. We went a handful of times last year but we’re not “pool people” I guess. Like those families that live at the pool and their children basically go from womb to swim team….yeah not us. But I do want Emma to be comfortable in the water so that she can enjoy swimming…not just monopolizing a set of metal stairs. Her school’s summer program also takes the kids to the pool once a week starting in July. I have no clue what this pool looks like or how deep it is but I trust her teachers. Because of this though, I really wanted her to have some solid exposure to swimming. I’m an ok swimmer, her dad is a pretty good swimmer. I’m not asking for a Michael Phelps here, well maybe a Missy Franklin :) I wouldn’t mind becoming one of those swim team families, but I hear you have to get up super early and stand around for hours to see your kid swim for a few minutes.
Anyway, we shall see where our new found love of water goes. I’m for sure hoping for more fishing trips, a lot of fun at the pool, and of course an amazing beach trip in about a month! PS. Stay tuned for the post about my 3 year old’s potential train wreck birthday party. 

While You Sleep

While you sleep I arrange your toys nice and neat
I pack your lunch, kiss your head
I check on you, snuggling in bed
While you sleep, laundry gets done
Crafts are made, sometimes mommy goes for a run
I plan the next day, I schedule some fun
I prepare for the week, sunblock for the sun
While you sleep, I vacuum and sweep
I dust and fold, I worry about you getting too old
I enjoy time with your dad, I sometimes enjoy some wine
I know you are resting peacefully, you are calm, you are fine
While you sleep, I organize the toy bin
And wait for the moment you yell for me to come in
I roll my eyes, not this again…
But then something happens, you’re all cozy and warm
And then you sweetly say with a yawn..
I missed you mommy and I hold you, knowing our time together is not long

Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Kids You See At a School Performance

Now I’m sure this topic has come up before. I haven’t run across this particular genre but you get the idea. Every time you go to an event: birthday party, soccer game, play group, a classroom setting, you get the usual set of kidos that fall into familiar categories be it the “tattle tell” or the “complainer” or “the kid who talks way too much” there just always seems to be one of each of these in a crowd (this applies to adults as well I might add). 
So I entered new territory last week, an event that was saturated with such high expectations, nostalgia, and overall excitement that I literally could barely stand the wait.

Yes, I am talking about Emma’s first ever stage performance!!! Now it should be known that I do come from a theatrical family (however I was always a more behind the scenes type.) I never liked being on stage but everyone else in my family has been in some type of show or another (even my very shy brother). I graced the stage once in the epic eight grade musical of “A Christmas Carol.” The “all-star” cast included myself as the nephew Fred’s wife (literally that was her name in the script which greatly disturbed me as a young budding feminist who wished her character’s identity did not depend on that of her husband.) 

Ok I digress…. Anyway overall, I think theater and everything that goes along with it (set design, sound, lighting, the music, the action) is great for anyone to experience so I was glad Emma had a chance. I’ve seen home footage of kiddie performances before so I sort of knew what to expect but it’s ten times more amazing in person because you get to see all of the kids doing crazy, off-the-wall things. From that, I found myself noticing several kids standing out for their “unique” behavior (don’tworry Emma was one of them.) So without further adue, I give you the kids you see at a school performance:

The nose picker: Definitely not the worst offender but you can’t help but feel somewhat sorry for their parents (it could happen to anyone really so maybe you are just grateful it wasn’t your kid.) It is one of the most entertaining parts of the show as you see the kid slowly start to move their finger toward the gold mine. Then anticipation builds as they hover close for several seconds and then…WAM! After they’re in, you realize they aren’t pulling their finger out of itscomfy cocoon for the rest of the show. Singing whilepicking is a talent.

The kid that is totally doing their own thing: Silly hand gestures, check, funky dancing, double check, Billy…yeah Billy is running up and down the stage in back banging on pots and pans like a punk rock drummer. This kid unknowingly steals the show with their enthusiastic antics. You hope he doesn’t end up throwing the wooden spoon prop out into the audience (or well maybe you do, the show has been in a lull these last few minutes.)

The “overly excited” kid: This is it! This is the moment! This is the kid who is totally in their element! They eat, sleep, and dream Beyonce and already have their own YouTube channel so this “community theater thing” is small potatoesThey are the ones who jump the highest, sing the loudest, and over exaggerate every choreographed hand gesture to a t. So they knock a few kids over in the process? No one stands in the way of this future Broadway star. Give me the lead or give me death! 

The “deer in the headlights” kid: This kid is staring off into space not sure what is going on. Even though they probably practiced the 2 minute song 50 times, this kid has no clue why the class is singing or how they got onto a stage. These kids were the first to get trampled by overly excited kid.

And finally….The shirt puller upper: Yes we have made it to Emma’s category. I guess kids fidget during shows and idle hands take over and the next thing you know…my kid is standing there topless for the world. It was the longest minute or two of my life watching and not being able to do anything. It was like a girlsgone wild nightmare for this feminist mom. Finally, her teacher made her way over and pulled Emma’sshirt down. I never thought my kid would be the “indecent exposure” kid but there you have it.

So now you know what to look for at your next Preschool musical theater extravaganza. And if you want any advice from me it would be….put an extra t-shirt on your kid!